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someone with an assured and ingratiating manner

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this year released the Biosign Night Smoothy skin-care cream for use by busy women before going to bed, while Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.
You have a reputation of being the zodiac's smoothy, one which you either embrace or go out of your way to defy.
SMOOTHY TV actor Nigel Havers, you may recall, starred in the last series of kangaroo-testicle-bothering jungle-based realityfest I'm A Celebrity.
Nick Owen from the Beeb, perhaps, or ITV smoothy Bob Warman?
We want to make it sound more like we're health care professionals and we're working together smoothy," Clapper said.
The range consists of Chewits Truly Smoothy Berry Whites targeted at adults, Chewits Truly Juicy positioned for sharing and Chewits Truly Smoothy Crazy Animals for children.
95 (contains: bubbly wash, smoothy shampoo, butt balm, creamy cream, and hair putty)
Bobby, who plays Albert Square smoothy Vince Monks, added: "She made a terrible mistake but I've come to terms with that.
They can do that in the morning with a smoothy, compliments of Sunkist.
What some may forget is that, despite the idealized smoothy image those two most famous roles of his have imparted, Brosnan has often gone off the reservation to play creeps, losers, psychos and worse in such films as ``The Deceivers,'' ``The Lawnmower Man,'' ``The Tailor of Panama'' and ``Evelyn,'' to name but a few.
Out on the high-speed oval portion of the course Tiptronic upshifted smoothy, but still lacked the rocketship acceleration of the six-speed manual.
The Smoothy will be launched in April and offered in three sizes - 16, 21, and 32 oz.
Mintel's taste tests at IFT 08 emphasized new fortified, functional and natural products, with attendees picking Chewits Truly Smoothy Crazy Animals Fruit Gums from the UK as their favorite.
It provides high-quality audio through a smoothy integrated digital wireless beltpack and related access points.
ALEKS, MARTA AND ROXY EASTENDERS Two-timing smoothy Alekcontinues to dart betweehis wife and girlfriend, buwhen he buys a dress for Roxy and Marta spots the bag, he has to pretend it'for her (right).