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Synonyms for smoothness

Synonyms for smoothness

powerful and effective language

the quality of being bland and gracious or ingratiating in manner

the quality of having a level and even surface

the quality of being free from errors or interruptions

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Prepared by Austin, Texas, pavement engineer and consultant firm The Transtec Group Inc., the LTRC report summarizes state DOTs' IRI-based pavement smoothness specifications.
Its gentle and unobtrusive yet firm flavour coupled with smoothness justifies the Extra Special label Philippa Carr at Asda gives it.
is said to provide detail and surface smoothness that rivals any competitive process.
About half of all current State smoothness specifications for HMA and more than three-fourths of all current PCC smoothness specifications are centered around the Profile Index (PI), as often measured using a profilograph.
He rides for Lib Tech, a composite board company, and could have taken the cash on smoothness alone.
Hood and Saaz Hops." It is aged for two months for "smoothness," and sold August through October.
Rodriguez is well rooted in classical Spanish dance technique, and contemporary dance influences are apparent in the feline smoothness of his movements.
The 28-year-old former children's TV host, who raised eyebrows when her nude photo was projected over Parliament last year, said she likes the smoothness of female skin.
These are paired in various ways - the two artificial materials, concrete and aluminium, give the exterior a smoothness and precision appropriate to a computer centre.
Its standardized platform reduces time spent analyzing pavement profiles--the software can process and integrate numerous formats of profile data--and contractors can reduce the risk of penalties with ProVAL's construction performance-enhancing functions, such as the Smoothness Assurance Module.
Exotic smoothness and physics; differential topology and spacetime models.
Triplex board uses some LBKP in the back ply to increase its strength and efficient refining provides very good surface and smoothness qualities.
It reportedly provides 10% lower foam density than standard tin mercaptides and is self-lubricating, which is said to produce surface smoothness and less pinking.
* Symrise introduced Cremogen Alpha-Pulp, a hair care ingredient said to improve the suppleness and smoothness of hair and return it to its natural health, leaving it radiant and shiny.