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Synonyms for smooth

Synonyms for smooth

having no irregularities, roughness, or indentations

free from severity or violence, as in movement

posing no difficulty

effortlessly gracious and tactful in social manner

marked by facility, especially of expression

to make even, smooth, or level

to bring to perfection or completion

smooth over: to bring (something) into a state of agreement or accord

Synonyms for smooth

the act of smoothing

free from obstructions


Related Words

having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities

smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication

of the margin of a leaf shape

smooth and unconstrained in movement

Related Words

(music) without breaks between notes


Related Words

of motion that runs or flows or proceeds without jolts or turbulence

lacking obstructions or difficulties

Related Words

(of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves

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Smoothest Athlete (Man): David Beckham, Drew Brees, Tony Bruno, Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter.
Meanwhile, Pat Kenny came was named the smoothest TV personality in the country, overtaking rival Gay Byrne as the housewives' favourite.
We also have three cases of the Tetley Bitter, the smoothest beer on the planet, up for grabs.
Blonde Anne was our smoothest broadcaster for her professional but personal delivery of RTE's weekly prime time 9pm news.
The Heineken Star Award allows fans nationwide to make an impact by voting for the "Smoothest Champions in US Open History," which pays homage to these legendary players with the smoothest moves, while reinforcing Heineken Premium Light's unexpected smooth taste.
Nas/``Stillmatic'' (Columbia)Those who care about such things consider Nasir Jones among the best and smoothest hard-core rappers.
The smoothest path to sustainable development is to invest in fuels that can be used with today's engine technology and distribution infrastructure.
It easily was the Lakers' smoothest half of the season, a balance of defensive intensity and flowing offense.
layers, resulting in some of the smoothest surface finishes and finest feature details in the industry.
This has been the smoothest fair in my memory, and this is our 19th year,'' Raley said.
I expect this to be the smoothest CFO handoff our industry has ever seen," Jewell said.
Also, for the smoothest dressing possible, a blender is recommended; a food processor version came up with disappointing results.
According to Ofshinsky, the Care Plus payroll switchover was the smoothest process ever.
For the best and smoothest results when making a basic cheese fondue, rely on a recipe that uses cornstarch or flour and a little acid like lemon juice.
As a direct lender, Perfect Mortgage brings the best of both worlds: a diverse range of loan programs for all credit types, better rates than mortgage brokers can offer, all the advantages of big local banks, and the smoothest loan closings offered today," says Don Shanley.