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made smooth by ironing


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Grewgious pulled off his hat to smooth his head, and, having smoothed it, nodded it contentedly, and put his hat on again.
The other smoothing metric presented by the authors (EM2) is the correlation between variations in accruals and those in cash flow from operations, as in Equation 3, with the reason that accounting discretion can be used to hide impacts on cash flows, and so present smoothed income.
Run your finger gently over the interfacing at the sharp edge of the clay, flip the slab and repeat until the edges of the slab are rounded a smoothed, then hand build (photo 3).
In addition, investors believe that companies that report more volatile earnings pose greater risks than the companies that report smoothed earnings.
If net income is related to sales by a linear function, then according to this model variable unitary costs remain constant over time, fixed costs do not decrease and gross revenue cannot be smoothed out.