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Synonyms for smoothbore

a firearm that has no rifling

of a firearm


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Military tactics during the smoothbore musket era called for soldiers to pack themselves in a dense mass, fire a volley at the enemy in their likewise tightly packed ranks and then charge with bayonets fixed.
One of the more interesting attributes of the PDX1-12 is that it's applicable for use in either smoothbore or rifled shotgun barrels.
Baker was a known quantity in government circles, having had contracts from the government and the East India Company for smoothbore pistols and muskets.
It uses a MKEK 120mm smoothbore gun, itself a locally-manufactured version of the Rheinmetall L55120mm smoothbore gun and is equipped with modular and reactive armour from Rocketsan.
Foster-type slugs are designed to be used in smoothbore barrels.
It is armed with 120mm L55 smoothbore gun capable of firing standard NATO ammunition and new programmable 120mm HE-rounds.
First, because it is a smoothbore and next, it is an air pistol whose barrel moves on firing.
Contract award notice: the purchase of special ammunition for smoothbore guns cal.
Earlier, it was reported that the Armata tank might also come with a 152 mm gun which would replace its current 125 mm smoothbore cannon.
Hidden in a black Ford Mondeo parked outside were more Class A drugs and two firearms - a bolt action shotgun and a smoothbore revolver - along with shotgun shells.
The smoothbore would fall under the National Firearms Act because it's essentially a short-barreled shotgun.
It was considered normal for a fine English-made airgun to come in a leather case with both a rifled barrel and a smoothbore barrel that could fire a load of shot.
62 mm remote-control machine gun and a 125 mm smoothbore cannon.