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having smooth skin

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Nothing to do with some sudden massive bereavement however, or announcement of the three-minute nuclear warning, simply the arrival of the latest smooth-skinned boy band One Direction to a provincial theatre/leisure centre near you.
Which fruit is a smooth-skinned variety Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 The mite; 2 Derek Jacobi; 3 The nectarine; 4 Finland; 5 The ptarmigan; 6 Lord Longford; 7 Nigella Lawson; 8 Henry Cooper; 9 Last Exit To Brooklyn; 10 It was a frosty day and he did not wish it to appear as if he was shivering from fright.
Charlotte - smooth-skinned, wavy yellow tubers from July.
Best for squash that is smooth-skinned and easily peeled, such as butternut and kabocha.
If that preference makes no sense to the average human male who's entranced by young, smooth-skinned women, it's because the mating game has evolved in different directions in chimps and in people, say anthropologist Martin N.
The surge in popularity is led by Butternut, a golden smooth-skinned US variety shaped like a light bulb.
In a Place (all works 2004) features a typical Calvin protagonist--long face, wide but inexpressive mouth, smooth-skinned and androgynous--running a string of dun-colored beads from hand to hand, eyes closed.
Some berries are smooth-skinned, such as the blueberry, gooseberry and currant.
We went outside, walked among the woody vines and fleshy, often violet, sometimes green, prodigal, smooth-skinned grapes.
In the television spot, created by BBDO New York, an army of smooth-skinned, bathing-suited women reinforces the notion of the beach as the ultimate testing ground for great looking legs.
We have 10-tuber packs which are ideal if growing space is limited and have chosen three varieties for taste and interest - the smooth-skinned Carlingford, easy-to-grow Charlotte and the waxy Nicola.
If you have a fondness for avocados, plant one pebbly skinned black Hass variety (harvest is spring through fall) and one smooth-skinned green Fuerte variety (harvest from fall through spring), and you can make guacamole any day of the year.
This is despite the fact that the licensed smooth-skinned sweeter kiwifruit grown in New Zealand needs greater care in picking and handling and, consequently, is more expensive to grow.
Charlotte, known as the salad variety of chefs, is ready for lifting from mid-July onwards and with a full crop of tasty smooth-skinned potatoes is a variety well worth having.
Apparently the man who will have supermodels dropping at his feet has large expressive eyes, a smooth-skinned symmetrical face, a straight nose, and a rounded hair and jaw line.