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closely shaved recently

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It seemed, rather, a frank and open countenance, which frankness or openness was enhanced by the fact that he was smooth-shaven.
Among them were old men and young boys, well dressed, clever-looking rascals, collarless tramps, fierce-eyed aliens, smooth-shaven, thin-lipped Broadwayards--and Spear.
The light fell very clear upon the dark, well-moulded features and smooth-shaven cheeks of a too familiar countenance, often beheld in dreams of both of these young men.
Peace, he is old: he comes from far off, and he is mad,' the smooth-shaven priest replied.
The man was dark-eyed and smooth-shaven all except his mustache, which was so iced up as to hide his mouth.
It is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in cleaned, carpeted, warmed, and well lighted offices by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks, who do not need to raise their voice.
Male-pattern badness," in the words of Bruce Willis, whose own smooth-shaven pate lends the joke an extra curl of irony.
It takes people in moisture-wicking thigh-highs and in matching tie dye; people cheered on by spectators and barked on by excitable sheep dogs; people with red, white and blue beards and with headphones draped around their smooth-shaven necklines; people with the will to keep running past the smell of fried chicken wafting from the vents at the Albertson's on 30th Avenue in south Eugene, and people without it.
Yet in his fashion Hatch was the island activist, overturning more than a few stereotypes: While hetero Sean--with his smooth-shaven chest and nipple ring--stood around playing the dim twink, Hatch dived into the reef to spear some dinner, proving himself the Tagi tribe's alpha male.
A steady parade of half-asleep, bristle-jawed Brit blokes grab the deck-chairs, staking out their territories before even the first smooth-shaven, showered and sausaged German has ventured into the rosy-hued dawn.