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having hair that feels smooth

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This is not to say that smooth-haired collies are yipless or convenient.
But she was worried they might not get on with my other dogs, Miss Birmingham, a smooth-haired fox terrier and Miss Miami, a Manchester Terrier and chihuahua mix.
The smooth-haired puppies that are born snow white (black or chocolate-colored spots emerge within two weeks) sometimes grow up hyperactive, difficult and sickly.
ARCHIE Archie is a six-month-old miniature smooth-haired dachshund who lives with the McGregor family in St Fillans, Perthshire.
Delighted owner Sarah Beech said she feared the smooth-haired miniature dachshund would have to be put down after he suddenly lost the use of his legs a year ago.
Three are smooth-haired guinea pigs coloured ginger and white, chocolate brown, and beige and white.
The badge' Responsible dog owner Corran James with his badge - and his smooth-haired fox terrier, Toddy Picture: SUZY JAMES
D'Arisca Denison - Michael's kennel name - is an 18-month-old miniature smooth-haired dachshund and he gets his pet name from actor Michael Denison.
It seemed that on the very day he disappeared, elderly Bobby had paid a courting call on old girlfriend Jip, the smooth-haired Jack Russell bitch who lives at nearby Home Leigh Farm on the Fosse Way.
Although he's a member of Cockermouth mountain rescue team, he and fivc- year-old Brin, a smooth-haired border collie, are ready to travel anywhere in Britain to use their specialist skills.
This five-month-old miniature smooth-haired dachshund lives with Janet and John in Wishaw, Lanarkshire.
Both are smooth-haired young mums who were handed in to the RSPCA with their kittens, but these will be re-homed separately.
I was able to pick a lovely little white and black smooth-haired terrier, which we called Mac (which was a shortened version of our surname).
Yes, it's all about common sense, and I resurrect the not so shaggy dog story of a smooth-haired great dane to illustrate instance where it's badly needed.