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lacking hair on the face


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Caption: The Sky Hawk has a skeletonized hammer and smooth-faced trigger for smooth DA firing.
But the smooth-faced edifice of authority is clearly built on less secure foundations than we have been led to believe.
The style is characterized by concrete, stucco or smooth-faced brick punctuated with panels of wood, metal tongue and groove work.
No more than five feet tall, Charley was broad-shouldered, smooth-faced and sun-browned, and had grey-blue eyes and a rather sharp, high-pitched voice.
For his part, Grillo mocks the smooth-faced prime minister as "Renzie", a trendy, leather jacket-wearing fake no more in touch with real problems than Fonzie, the self-regarding character from the old TV show "Happy Days".
And no equally annoying ridges on the smooth-faced trigger.
There he was, younger than I'd ever known him, smooth-faced, a boyish thirty, his immense, capable hands wrapped around the tiller.
Many believed that the 46-year-old glamour model was behind the spin legend's transformation from a scruffy sportsman to smooth-faced consort.
BEFORE OVER During test in India, 2004 NICE CATCH With Liz last month AFTER NO CREASE Smooth-faced Shane this week WIDE BOY Beery in 2001.
EcoSheet panels are hard-wearing, smooth-faced, versatile 8'x4' boards suitable for a variety of applications in construction and beyond.
Elizabeth Hurley credits it for Shane Warne's new smooth-faced look.
In the first photograph, taken in July 2008, tattooed Bayliss has longer hair and is smooth-faced.
The horizontal division is created by a wide, smooth-faced, molded bandcourse above the ground floor and by the roof cornice above the third floor.