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Silverado' tall fescue has more smooth crabgrass infestation than 'Rebel II,' but the two tall fescues do not differ in white clover infestation (Dernoeden et al.
5-cm mowing height, conducive to crabgrass, smooth crabgrass cover is 35% under the split fall fertilization schedule (September and October) compared with 67% crabgrass for a split spring schedule (April and May).
evapotranspiration (ET) replacement, had no effect on smooth crabgrass or dandelion incidence in perennial ryegrass (Jiang et al.
and smooth crabgrass in Kentucky bluegrass and tall rescue irrigated by a subterranean system, compared with overhead (Gibeault et al.
9 % area smooth crabgrass Summer Source of variation 1994 1995 mean squares Rep 8 143 39 149 Mowing regimes 138(*) 745 173(*) Error a 7 375 38 797 Fescues 1 951 32 231 Mowing x fescues 1 572 30 605 Error b 2 019 23 562 cv (%) 15.
The reduction in fall quality in the latter 2 yr in Regime I was due to smooth crabgrass invasion (Table 5).
Smooth crabgrass levels were very low in 1993 (data not shown), but by the summer of 1994 it had become invasive (Table 5).
Rain in early summer resulted in smooth crabgrass seed germination, and the subsequent crabgrass competition with tall fescue regrowth caused a significant reduction in stand density and overall quality.
The reduction in summer quality in the lower and more frequent mowing Regime I was attributed to the colonization of plots by high levels of smooth crabgrass beginning in the second year.