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room in a hotel or club set apart for smokers

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But the smoking room would probably not have got the go-ahead if it had not been for Mr Reid, who personally rubber-stamped the plans.
he asked, pointing to the OSHA requirement for a smoking room only after the first cafeteria or worker lounge is smoke free.
Traditionally, converting a smoking room requires replacing all of the items in the room.
Presiding Officer George Reid revealed ciggies are banned from his new Parly office, but he will be able to use the smoking room with other nicotine addicts.
BOMA is not in favor of a separate smoking room because, said DiCapua, there are so few indications of what that room is supposed to be and how it's supposed to be built.
Similar proportions agreed that smoking should be allowed in workplaces where employers and employees have agreed there should be a separate, designated smoking room, and also in private or members clubs to which the general public has no access.
AN MSP was caught having a fly puff in his Holyrood office 10 minutes after calling for parliament's smoking room to be axed.
The regulations, which have yet to be finalised by the Government, spell the end for the smoking room.
It came just a few minutes after the 30-year-old Lib Dem signed a motion calling for the smoking room to be axed.
They will be renovating the mess room and the smoking room at the centre in Rose Hill, Rednal, which offers youth groups accommodation for up to 67 people.
It's set entirely in a company smoking room where an oddly-assorted bunch of employees are united by their shared love of nicotine.
It follows a row with the Labour group over a members' smoking room which the Tories want to close.
Instead of each ward having its own smoking room, there are now only five scattered around the hospital for patients, while staff have two.
I choose to smoke, but I will do it outside, in my own house, in a smoking pub, or in a designated smoking room at work.