smoking mixture

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a blend of tobaccos to be smoked in a pipe

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He gained notoriety through excessive drug use, once owning a lacquer box "for stashing away his favourite smoking mixture and other song-inducing substances".
It was here that he joined forces with Robert Cray and his band, it was here that he perfected his "rockin' soul" sound, a smoking mixture of blues, gospel, rock and R&B.
Pipe Tobacco Condor Long Cut; Condor Ready Rubbed; Condor Mild; Mellow Virginia Ready Rubbed; Clan; Balkan Sobranie Smoking Mixture
A LIVERPOOL 'legal highs' shop today defended a controversial herbal smoking mixture that is as strong as some strains of skunk cannabis.
The synthetic cannabinoids have been marketed as herbal smoking mixtures under names such as Spice Gold, K2, Kronic and Exodus Damnation.
Marketed as herbal smoking mixtures under names such as Spice Gold, K2, Kronic, and Exodus Damnation, the connecting thread is a large and diverse group of synthetic cannabinoids of varying potencies, which have so far been detected in more than 90 countries.
Pain-killers like Tramadol or herbal smoking mixtures are being given to those who are susceptible to outside influences or too young to think for themselves.