smoking jacket

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a man's soft jacket usually with a tie belt

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Steven Franco, Chief Designer for My Smoking Jacket stated, “These new custom designed styles are very exciting.
El Masry concludes the song by stating, "My heart is broken under my smoking jacket.
In Carsen's ending, Don Giovanni strolls on wearing a smoking jacket, a bit like Berlusconi's, and flaunting a cigarette.
The 85-year-old magazine mogul wore his famous smoking jacket as he was snapped with the 27-year-old, who is almost 60 years his junior.
But since the dawn of the internet you now get all that stuff from a meerkat dressed in a smoking jacket, leaving a big hole in our town centres.
They started very strongly, we had to put on our working overalls but I think we left the match wearing a smoking jacket," said Portugal coach Carlos Queiroz.
The Hefner America knows is a suave ladies man, so devoted to leisure and "the good life" that he spends the entire day in his pajamas and iconic smoking jacket.
Oh look at me," I imagine Federer saying, "This year I'm going to stroll through my first three matches without breaking sweat even though I'm wearing a cravat, plus-fours and a smoking jacket.
Adaa's coming back in a smoking jacket," said Ken Lytwyn, the aquarium's senior marine mammalogist.
There in October, attired in a smoking jacket in his bed with a bottle of champagne waiting on a hospital trolley, he married Sonia Brownell, his second wife, and there, still hoping for a reprieve, he died on January 21st, 1950.
Why has the three-martini lunch become as retrograde as the smoking jacket or the hoop skirt?
Soon they get into the subject of drinking and great artists: Modest Mussourgsky lies dead drunk in a ditch and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov comes by dressed in a smoking jacket and carrying a bamboo walking stick.
Dress up your look with an ascot, brooch or a smoking jacket.