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Synonyms for assistance

Synonyms for assistance

the act or an instance of helping

Synonyms for assistance

the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose

a resource


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In addition, health care providers in rural areas are often less qualified to assess the smoking habits of their patients as well as to provide their patients with smoking cessation assistance (Rayens, Hahn, & Hedgecock, 2008).
As part of the programme, the Sharjah Medical Zone will offer free medical services, including screening for diabetes and blood pressure and smoking cessation assistance.
In May, 2006 the FDA announced the approval of ChantixTM (varenicline tartrate) tablets for smoking cessation assistance (United States Food and Drug Administration [FDA], 2006).
The company's Wellness Committee provides employees with free opportunities for flu shots, blood sugar screenings and on-site physical assessments, as well as discounts on local gyms and smoking cessation assistance.
Education, substance abuse prevention and treatment efforts, smoking cessation assistance, access to prenatal care, encouraging breastfeeding and informing young women about the importance of taking folic acid before becoming pregnant are proven methods of reducing fetal and infant deaths.