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a passenger car for passengers who wish to smoke

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People were not able to find non-smoking seats and were choosing to stand in the corridors rather than sit in the smoking carriage.
What was actually happening was that people were not being able to get seating in non-smoking seats and were choosing to stand in the corridors rather than sit in the smoking carriage.
When I made regular train journeys from Newcastle to London I always booked a seat in the smoking carriage.
Myself and another nicotine addict marched up to first class and sat in their smoking carriage, snouting off to our hearts' content.
As those who travel by train are aware, the smoking carriage, even on overcrowded trains, is barely filled and is a waste of up to 18 seats.
Sir, - Despite protests against the forthcoming ban on smoking in Virgin Trains, and a FOREST poll that suggests that 69 per cent of passengers (smokers and non-smokers) support a separate smoking carriage, the company is bullishly refusing to review its decision taking effect from September 30.
During this same period, it has become increasingly difficult to find a smoking carriage on a train, or a smoking section in a restaurant, or an airline which will allow any smoking whatsoever on its flights.
The language used in 1984 has also changed, while over the years rolling stock like smoking carriages have become obsolete.
Railway companies have responded to the law by setting up partitions and smoking areas or reinforcing the extraction mechanisms in smoking carriages, but have realized that some smoke still gets through into nonsmoking cars because of passenger movements.
Stranger on a Train', published by Virago Press, features the author's encounters with her fellow travellers in the smoking carriages of the trains on which she travels.
When British Rail phased out smoking carriages on London bound commuter trains in 1990, people did not switch to their cars.