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a passenger car for passengers who wish to smoke

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The troubled ex-England star, 43, apparently looked critical as he was dragged from the smoking car and strapped into a stretcher.
Niass told Democracy Now that he was the first person to notice the smoking car, and he informed Orton about the car and the two informed the police together.
Wells bought a first-class train ticket that would allow her to travel in the ladies' car rather than the smoking car.
I ran to the smoking car, climbing over the rubble to see if I could help the driver.
The pictures, most of which were from negatives seized by French police, include shots of the outside of the smoking car taken before the first emergency workers were on the scene.
Given that railroad investors wanted to avoid the expense of maintaining first-class cars exclusively for black use, most often the "Jim Crow" car doubled as a plainly appointed smoking car, or was just a poorly partitioned section of the smoking car.
Alongside all these high-speed trains is Rusty, an out dated steam engine whose lot in life is to pull boxcars Rocky I, II and III' the restaurant car, Buffy' the smoking car, Ashley, and new addition, Pearl.
These journeys brought Wells face-to-face with the evolving system of Jim Crow segregation when, in 1884, she came into conflict with railroad officials over her refusal to travel in the smoking car rather than the ladies' car.
My father had gone to the smoking car to smoke his pipe.
It's hard work to get it all by heart," he said, "but you'll find it invaluable when you get into an argument -- in the smoking car on a train .
the publishers of the highly-acclaimed CD-ROMs 7th Guest(R) and The 11th Hour; SSG (Strategic Studies Group), a well-known Australian developer and publisher of award-winning strategic war games; Presto Studios, best-known for it's award-wining photo realistic adventure game, The Journeyman Project; Smoking Car Productions, founded by Jordan Mechner, the creator of Prince of Persia; and Cyan, Inc.
The people in the other car were OK, but I could see someone was trapped inside the smoking car.
The female officers said they saw a man running as they approached the smoking car.
After a few hundred feet, the smoking car skidded off the road.
The Newtown Road-based firefighters, who were out on the two incidents between 9pm and 11pm, were then called to a smoking car engine on the M42 near Coleshill.