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a large tall chimney through which combustion gases and smoke can be evacuated


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The concept plan also calls for a small multipurpose pavilion to be built opposite the smokestack green for group events, such as yoga and Pilates.
The petitioners told the CA that "aside from the threats of environmental degradation and dangers to our health, we are now also bothered with the safety issue after discovering that the smokestack is directly along the path of the approach of planes landing to the airport strip, which is less than three kilometers from the coal power plant.
The petitioners said RP Energy's presentation of the project showed the smokestack alone would be 150 meters high, so the total height would be 160.
A boy says smokestacks make him think of war--the sea breeze whisks away the rest.
Paisley poet Graham Fulton, who has published more than 40 books and pamphlets of poetry, will also be reading from his two Smokestack collections; Open Plan and One Day in the Life of Jimmy Denisovich.
Smokestack Books aims to challenge both kinds of inertia, by keeping open a space for what is left of the British radical poetic tradition in the twenty-first century, and by importing the work of radical poets whose work deserves to be better known in the UK.
2] from electric power plant and other smokestacks as the raw material for making electricity.
One person who was inside Smokestack said he didn't hear anything, but said he saw people running down the street and thought it might be some sort of promotional road race, before realizing they were rushing to try to help.
In California, Young's Market began distributing Smokestack Series offerings throughout the state.
Washington, July 9 (ANI): A new study has suggested that rising levels of smokestack emissions from oceangoing ships will cause an estimated 87,000 deaths worldwide each year by 2012, which is almost one-third higher than previously believed.
An investigative series called, "The Smokestack Effect: Toxic Air and America's Schools," includes an online listing of the schools and rankings based on the impact of toxic emissions in their area.
MANUFACTURING should not be seen as a "dirty, smokestack industry," a Tory shadow minister said in Birmingham.
Many developed countries are understating their carbon emissions because they have, in effect, exported their smokestack industries to China, and now are purchasing products they once made themselves.
Smokestack emissions from the global shipping fleet are projected to double in North America in the next decade, exposing communities to diesel exhaust that contributes to respiratory illness, cancer, heart disease and premature death.
Wall is a series of poems that tell a story about life in and around the Byker Wall, published by Smokestack Books.