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a large tall chimney through which combustion gases and smoke can be evacuated


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2] from electric power plant and other smokestacks as the raw material for making electricity.
One person who was inside Smokestack said he didn't hear anything, but said he saw people running down the street and thought it might be some sort of promotional road race, before realizing they were rushing to try to help.
In California, Young's Market began distributing Smokestack Series offerings throughout the state.
Their smokestacks emit sulfur-containing particles linked to increased risks of lung and heart disease.
An interactive database of nearly 128,000 schools featured online at smokestack.
Manufacturing should not be seen as a dirty smokestack industry; it has transformed itself into leading edge hi-tech, value-added success.
Circuit Court of Appeals in response to a previous lawsuit by Friends of the Earth and Earthjustice challenging lack of agency action on smokestack pollution.
Family acquisition and sales transactions were in excess of $100 million and included the purchase of the Falchi Building in Long Island City and the former Grumman property in Bethpage, NY, as well as the sale of the Smokestacks Building in Long Island City and an six-building industrial complex in Bloomfield, NJ.
In their film Stories Are Propaganda, 2005, a sequence of images shot in China--of a smokestack belching black plumes, of ocean waves crashing to shore, of a rabbit appearing out of thin air in a magician's box--is accompanied by a child's long monologue.
The paper industry is often perceived as a commodity-oriented, smelly, smokestack industry--an example of the declining American manufacturing base.
In 1980 the AEP Picaway power plant in Central Ohio shut down its short, roof-mounted smokestacks and began directing all emissions through an 88-meter smokestack.
Under the change, those plants will be allowed to pump out more power and consequently more smokestack emissions without having to install costly anti-pollution equipment.
Today, the computer has replaced the smokestack as the icon of business.
It would be extremely difficult for individuals to avoid inhaling the dirty air, compared to the relative ease with which the factory could install smokestack scrubbers or use cleaner coal.
Plastics also help dispose of the solid waste that results when smokestack "scrubbers" remove sulfur compounds from stack gases.