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Synonyms for smokescreen

(military) screen consisting of a cloud of smoke that obscures movements

an action intended to conceal or confuse or obscure

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The arrests and raids afterwards were used to create a smokescreen.
They came up with oil slicks and smokescreens to deter pursuers.
SIR - Gwyn Evans (Letters, March 28) hides behind a smokescreen of hoary old chestnuts when taking exception to my earlier letter.
To send a memo within minutes suggesting the disaster would be an ideal smokescreen for Labour shortcomings is as callous as it is contemptible.
But a jury of their peers saw right through that smokescreen to find the USWA and its Local 169 have engaged in common thuggery.
And the government's failure to introduce a total ban in pubs and clubs is what has led to this latest smokescreen of a proposal.
The criminal empire responsible would have regarded the wealth surrounding on-course betting as the ideal smokescreen to clean up their ill-gotten gains, said racing sources.
He fears the terrorist mastermind is using interviews and pictures as a smokescreen for secret messages to supporters around the globe.
William has Neptune rising, which mean he loves to create a smokescreen around his activities.
Today, the Appellate judges saw through the smokescreen and we are pleased for our client.
And Westminster's failure to follow Scotland's lead and introduce a total ban in pubs and clubs is what has led to this latest smokescreen of a proposal.
This also makes a mockery over claims that I used the flier as a smokescreen to divert attention from the future of care homes.
However, last night it was strongly suspected that the Ibrox club were throwing up a classic Euro smokescreen for their Italian rivals.
A smokescreen of protest is going up over what is called 24-hour boozing.
Investment in Goodison Park is non-existent and the talk of the Kings Dock venture seems a smokescreen to hide this.