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Synonyms for smokescreen

(military) screen consisting of a cloud of smoke that obscures movements

an action intended to conceal or confuse or obscure

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Rather than use his name as a smokescreen, our politicians need to understand why the man has won so many hearts
Smokescreen was designed to engage teenagers and give them a useful understanding of all of these issues of life online through an interactive online game with an exciting story.
Smokescreen itself is more than a game, it's an education.
I saw that as a smokescreen for accountability," he says bluntly.
Though the evangelist John wrote, "God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him," Holy Smokescreen, there are some exceptions to all that abiding.
Smokescreen is now being offered by selected dentists and GPs across the Midlands.
But at a meeting of the council's executive yesterday, opposition party leaders slammed the lack of action, asked why other local authorities such as Carmarthen were continuing with their plans if Cardiff could not, queried why, if the assembly's review had been announced in July, its impact had only come to light now and accused the council of using this review as a smokescreen.
Volunteers in the Louisiana Bucket Brigade monitor air pollution in the neighborhoods adjoining ExxonMobil's Chalmette Oil Refinery (see "Clearing the Smokescreen," Currents, March/April 2005).
The smokescreen of this lawsuit, filed just days before bids for the rail yard land development are due into the MTA, does not change the fact that the Jets had a sweetheart deal and are now trying to taint the bidding process," said Restuccia.
This, said Mandelson, "takes tactical negotiation to fresh heights", adding "they are putting up a smokescreen to dodge commitments made (on cotton) in 2004".
Conservatives have conned the people they screw economically into voting Republican by using a smokescreen of "values" to conceal what they're really doing, argues Thomas Frank in his impressive new book What Happened to Kansas?
But veteran observers of the CSR movement, such as Milton Moskowitz, co-author of Fortune magazine's annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in America, has reluctantly concluded that CSR has just been a public relations smokescreen.
In this case, the excess property was not forced on the taxpayer, but rather he purchased it as a smokescreen to obscure the fact that he was attempting to get the road built.
The exercise is a smokescreen to enable UNICEF to invade the very interface between children and their parents.