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Synonyms for smoker

a person who smokes tobacco

a party for men only (or one considered suitable for men only)


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a passenger car for passengers who wish to smoke

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Wrap up the lesson by asking students: How would you respond to a teen smoker who says, "I can quit whenever I want"?
As smoking issues heat up in the public domain--dare we observe the high-handed extent of employers not only refusing to hire smokers but also having the gall to terminate currently smoking employees--what better time than now for us to judiciously rethink our own follies in tobacco underwriting?
Omidvari, who didn't receive outside funding for the study, says that it could be welcome news that Hollywood tends to depict smokers as unsympathetic characters.
In fact, neither non-smokers nor smokers have the right to request additional breaks and it is entirely down to the discretion of the employer.
One might expect smokers to dislike a cigarette tax hike, as they'll end up either shelling out more cash or giving up smoking to avoid the hit.
Their responses were significantly different at a 3% significance level, with the average Camel smoker less interested in a peer stop-smoking program as compared with the average Marlboro smoker.
But despite the fact that many cigar smokers don't inhale and indulge their passion only occasionally, there's clear and mounting evidence that - even without a printed warning on the package - cigars are hazardous to your health (and to the health of people forced to breathe in secondary smoke).
who have reported higher (72%) prevalence of ST elevation MI in smoker IHD patients in comparison to non-smoker IHD patients.
In order to establish whether smoking behavior does affect a person's employability, the research team monitored smokers and non-smokers research
If smokers wish to smoke I prefer it if they do their smoking outdoors or in a designated place where they are not going to force their habit on non-smokers.
After due permission from ethical committee and written informed consent, the present study was carried out on a group of apparently healthy 108 subjects from medical college--including 36 each in non-smoker, light-smoker and heavy smoker group--further subdivided into 9 each in 4 age ranges of 21-30 years, 31-40 years, 41-50 years and 51-60 years.
uA American General: Smoking marijuana more than twice monthly could result in the rates of a smoker with the possibility of a table rating.
Demographic Characteristics Daily Smoker Non-smoker p (n = 161) (n = 655) Mean (SD) Age 43.
Of course, smoking can kill the smoker, we all know that, but I once read about a professor who has studied passive smoking to reveal that if a non-smoker spent many years in the company of a heavy smoker, they would only inhale a short supply of nicotine.