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emitting or containing little or no smoke


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Researchers hypothesized that athletes' higher use of smokeless tobacco may be due to awareness that smoking impairs athletic performance, while perceiving smokeless tobacco as less harmful to health.
Also in September, theLos Angeles City Council voted unanimously to prohibit the use of smokeless tobacco at all athletic venues, including Dodger Stadium, and directed the city attorney to draft implementing legislation.
As per the report "Global Smokeless Tobacco Market Report: 2015 Edition" The growth in smokeless tobacco industry is driven by increasing global population and personal income.
In the age group of 13 to 15, the usage of smokeless tobacco is as high as cigarettes.
The CDC further states that smokeless tobacco contains 28 carcinogens, which, according to the American Dental Association, can cause gum disease, stained teeth and tongue, a dulled sense of taste and smell, slow healing after a tooth extraction, and, worst of all, oral cancer.
The numbers for these same groups are 508, 2,631, and 702, respectively, for smokeless tobacco.
Smokeless will also add nearly 80,000 square feet to its current tobacco fermentation plant in Hopkinsville.
Both groups significantly reduced smokeless tobacco use in cans used per week and dips per day and sustained it through the end of the study.
Hodgdon pointed out that the best approach is to always follow DVIR's loading recommendations exactly as shown in the 2011 Basic Smokeless Manual, Annual Manual and in the Reloading Data Center at www.
Meta-analysis data involving male, Swedish smokers for 1976-2002 showed a significant decrease in cigarette smoking that corresponded with an increase in use of smokeless tobacco products, the investigators wrote in the AHA journal, Circulation.
Anaemia (Hb,10 g/dl) was significantly associated with smokeless tobacco in the univariate analysis (OR=1.
The ongoing debate among scientists and tobacco control experts today focuses on the trend of tobacco companies "'fessing up" to the addictiveness and toxicity of tobacco and creating new products (both cigarettes and smokeless products) that may be safer--a practice referred to as "harm reduction.
began enrolling Marines and Sailors this summer to test the effectiveness of a new smokeless tobacco cessation program.
District Court for the Middle District in Greensboro, North Carolina, that ruled the FDA had the authority to regulate nicotine-containing cigarettes and smokeless tobacco as "drug-delivery devices.
Despite widespread warnings to the contrary, it was not uncommon in my youth to see hunters using smokeless shells in their Damascus barreled shotguns.