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eel cured by smoking

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Dinner is pretty special too with three courses for PS30 (try their smoked eel terrine).
Orkney scallop, pickled mooli, smoked eel and lumpfish roe) or roast loin of veal with mousseron duxelle, Wye Valley asparagus, yeast extract and sauce albufera.
Quality local ingredients are given a contemporary jump-start - like the amazing diver scallop with smoked eel, apple, truffle and chervil, or lemon meringue with beurre noisette, rocket and pepper.
We also sampled and very much liked the playfully named Godzilla roll ($11), this one also featuring spicy tuna but combining it with cooked asparagus, smoked eel and avocado.
Similar to an unagi roll, the Caterpillar, an inside out sushi roll, came stuffed with rice smoked eel, along with crabsticks and cucumber, topped with avocado.
Cue Hollywood's most bonkers over-actor playing drunk, sliding down a bannister and shooting, "Bangers and mash, bubbles and squeak, smoked eel pie.
Trying to make his creations unforgettable, chef Amador will show how to prepare an egg surprise, then foie gras with apple, smoked eel and charcoal and finally a saddle of venison.
You can sample a Mosel riesling to accompany a salad of smoked eel with crab apples; a New Zealand pinot gris is served with Welsh farmhouse cheeses; and with the dessert of pannacotta with poached figs and lavender honey comes a gewurztraminer Vendage Tardive from Riefle.
For the eel: 1 large whole smoked eel For the potatoes: 2 pounds Idaho potatoes, peeled and quartered 1 1/4 caps whole milk 3 ounces butter Sea salt and freshly ground block pepper to taste To serve: 1/2 ounce butter 6 pieces thick-cut bacon
The stalls are run by sellers who have become legends in their time, and believe in putting on a show while selling cheap bags of smoked eel.
The supply of smoked eel fillets, horseradish grated into Cornish cream, potted goose liver, Melton Mowbray pork pies, pickled walnuts, turtle soup, Roquefort cheese, wild strawberry jelly.
They tuck in to the likes of smoked eel, raw venison and fish pie.
The ambience transports diners to a dreamy 1940s penthouse, an idyllic setting for finely wrought cuisine you can't get just anywhere: smoked eel and celeriac sushi wrapped with large, pungent black truffle shavings; wild-oat veloute with roasted almonds and chorizo; and ornate bread and pastry trolleys.
You could opt for lunch (up to three courses for 33 [euro]), sampling, say, tartar of smoked eel with Granny Smith apple and horseradish, fried filet of plaice with stewed cucumbers and mustard creme, and pineapple ragout with passion fruit and banana.