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Synonyms for smoke-cured

(used especially of meats and fish) dried and cured by hanging in wood smoke

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It was all of moose-skins, this fly--moose-skins, smoke-cured, hand-rubbed, and golden-brown.
Besides the reindeer dogs, he offers beef, Polish, Italian sausage, Louisiana hotlinks, bratwurst and chicken linguica, a type of smoke-cured sausage.
Just 15 miles from Dundee, the town is famous for its Arbroath Smokie - line-caught haddock, smoke-cured over burning hardwood - which is still made in smokehouses around the harbour.
The Beechwood Cold Smoked Tuna has a delicious firm flesh and delicately smoke-cured flavour.
Traditionally, smoked food has been one of two things: regional barbecue fare such as pit-cooked brisket, or smoke-cured meats such as country ham.