smoke screen

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(military) screen consisting of a cloud of smoke that obscures movements

an action intended to conceal or confuse or obscure

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They comply with the common European fire resistance categories and can be used in applications ranging from roof and facade constructions to partitions, smoke screens and doors.
ECBC is currently completing a multiyear effort to refine several smoke screen compositions that will allow troops to mask themselves from enemy fire.
The Illusion of Being Black: Behind the Smoke Screen is a call to action alerting the reader to the negative effects of the absence of father's in the home.
It is this element that Eric Howe, President of Concept Smoke Screen US, is recommending for use in American schools, "We would like to put it into classrooms and have a single machine in each classroom with a teacher with a remote control so with the press of a button, within seconds the entire classroom is filled with a density that nobody can see.
British Land have, I understand, 'dressed' their proposed building up with various 'bells & whistles' but the wise city planners have seen through their smoke screen & remain unconvinced.
Smoke screen Big Dave Osborne thinks it's all down to the smoking ban - rubbish.
But it seems it was all just a big smoke screen with Marilyn's dry ice machines working overtime.
Winners of the IFSEC Security Industry Innovation Awards were Cieffe, for Best of the Best and Best New CCTV Product; Panasonic System Solutions Europe for Best New Access Control Product; BT Redcare for Best New IP Security Product; Concept Smoke Screen for Best New Physical Security Product; Ultra Vision Security Systems for Best New Intruder Alarm Product; NTL: telewest and control ware communications for Best New Project or Installation; and Connexion 2 for Use of Technology for Improving Public Safety.
Members of the privileged white mainstream know they own it--and they are using it as a smoke screen in reconstituting the dominant order.
The strong emotions are a smoke screen, it seems to me, covering deeper issues, dragons which we are not willing to face.
User fees are a smoke screen for government to keep the existing trust fund money, keep the aviation fuel tax, keep the airline seat tax, and add still another way to extract money from citizens.
With reference to Josie Jenkins and Ray Fisher's letter concerning 'Smoking Guns', I remember these as oil burners to be used to provide a smoke screen on moonlit nights.
In true James Bond tradition, a high-intensity strobe light on the rear window can blind pursuers, while oil slick and smoke screen dispensers underneath the rear bumper will nobble their progress.
The smoke screen dispenser is the size of a small ceiling lightbulb, but can pump smoke into a sensitive area in seconds and reduce visibility to less than 5cms.