smoke hole

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a vent (as in a roof) for smoke to escape

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Despite that, bass season in 1947 found me camping beneath the towering pinnacles of the Smoke Hole country.
A smoke hole in the middle of the domed roof gives access to the sky.
It is only 40 feet wide at Franklin but widens to 150 feet in the Smoke Hole, where pools get large and deep and hold monster trout and bass that have caused me sometimes to act irrationally in their pursuit.
These stoves are neither as simple nor as cheap as an old log burner--that's nothing but an iron box with a door at one end and a smoke hole at the other.
As comedy clubs in general are particularly notorious as smoke holes, the decision was considered to be something of a brave one in terms of custom.
There were even smoke holes in the roof for a central fire, typical of a hearth in a 13th-Century hall.
Remaining stations in this machine counterbore the skirt, finish skirt length, rough bore the wrist pin hole, groove the wrist pin bores, broach the oil slots, and drill the smoke holes.
The visitor climbed into homes buried in snow where the only access was through their smoke holes.