smoke bomb

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a bomb that gives off thick smoke when it explodes

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Dumbarton sheriff John Hamilton was shown CCTV footage of the smoke bomb being thrown into the packed pub.
A GMP spokesman said: "We can confirm that during the Manchester derby police received a report that a smoke bomb had been thrown onto the pitch.
The FAW panel fined the Dragons PS900 for the smoke bomb (PS500 plus the triggering of a suspended PS400 punishment from a match at Chester last season), PS500 for the objects thrown and PS250 for fans invading the pitch - something the club was warned about after an incident at Maidenhead.
They have signed up to a Chairman's Charter to address what they claim to be 'increasing concerns' about the use of smoke bombs, flares and fireworks within grounds.
The smoke bomb reportedly hit a woman in the head, and there were reports that fireworks and chemical irritants had been set off.
During the game, two flares were thrown onto the field of play - while television pictures also appeared to show smoke bombs being let off in the stand.
Once in the station one of the group threw a smoke bomb off the platform in the direction of a group of Sunderland supporters in the car park.
Fans will be reminded that fireworks are illegal at matches, carrying the risk of possible jail sentences, and warned of the dangers - last season a 15-year-old boy suffered lung damage from a smoke bomb thrown at Wigan, while in February a 14-year-old boy was killed by a flare thrown by fans during a South American Libertadores Cup match in Bolivia.
Shunin was taken to hospital with burns to his cornea after the smoke bomb exploded in his face.
From the volume of smoke, it might have been a smoke bomb.
Holmes, 24, allegedly set off a smoke bomb and killed nearly 12 people during the screening of the new Batman movie at movie hall in Denver.
Cazorla had to wait to take the spot-kick as Serb fans behind the goal through a smoke bomb into the area.
French energy officials said an environmenA[degrees]tal paragliding activist was arrested after dropping a billowing smoke bomb onto the roof of a French nuclear reactor.
To test that theory, walls have been opened to reveal the old pipes and smoke bomb tests have been undertaken.
A three-minute smoke bomb is all it takes to fill the blocked-off section with smoke to detect leaks in pipes.