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Synonyms for smoggy

heavy, dark, or dense, especially with impurities

Words related to smoggy

clouded with a mixture of smoke and fog

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Experts and environmentalists held local factors responsible for such an alarming situation, saying indifferent attitude of the ruling elite over the years has practically added another season in the shape of smoggy weather.
The Smoggy Skies Act will diminish lifesaving protections for not only ozone (smog), but also carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and even toxic lead pollution.
With a sudden dip in the mercury by nearly 10A C, the smoggy situation in the Capital is expected to worsen in the coming days.
Smoggy shone on the Channel 4 hit show benefits Street about life on James Turner Street as he went door-to-door selling household goods for 50p.
BENEFITS Street favourite Smoggy wants Dragons' Den to help him boost his fledgling 50p Man business.
1, Xinhua, the official news agency, cited the China Meteorological Administration as saying that 2013 is the worst year in the number of smoggy days since 1961.
The work portrays a vision of smoggy Glasgow in the old days.
Air pollution in Hong Kong has worsened sharply in the past 15 years and on smoggy days makes it impossible to see across the city's kilometre-wide Victoria Harbour.
The smoggy haze, which takes its toll on people suffering from respiratory disorders, is mainly blamed on farmers torching rice stubble after harvesting the cash crop.
Breathing smoggy air diminishes the ability to breathe deeply in overweight people more than it does in lean folks.
Ospreys fans are urged to take a bottle of clean Welsh air to smoggy London to help their side to victory later this month.
Smoggy Seattle and Denver steal California's ideas -- after ridiculing us for years.
One isn't sure if the backgrounds are photographs or color-field painting, or if the dark, cloudy sky reveals a stormy sunset, the smoggy glow of oil fires, or the aftermath of an apocalypse.
The Huygens probe parachuted through Titan's thick, smoggy atmosphere to reach the surface and continued transmitting signals for hours afterwards, indicating that it had weathered the descent and survived the landing.