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an emoticon of a smiling face

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It was left to a smily Boy George, in Johnny Cash black and a burnt orange hat, to bring the night to a close with a slew of hits that have defied the years including the reggae-d up Everything I Own, a beautiful Victims, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
Norway international Carew drew a detailed image of himself in what appeared to be football kit while the Republic of Ireland's Dunne opted for a simple smily face - appropriately in green.
smily face envelope to leave the maid a tip: out in the hall someone's pounding on the ice machine, one hand beating rhythm to fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it .
ca/english/exhibits and Sportsmen's Guide (Toronto: Frederick Smily for the Ontario Travel and Publicity Bureau, 1935), 9.
I Become one of those smily people with clipboards who give away free things in the street.
It was almost instantaneous that the nurse from the eighth floor reception desk appeared--the same wide-waisted woman who was so smily and polite when my wife and I were shown to our Newborn and Recovery room (sans newborn; no signs of recovery), so graciously offering to send someone to see Alison who hadn't stopped crying since they whisked our boy away.
Smily pictures of him with his wife and kids show that much more than shiny snaps of him on bikes.