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A park spokeswoman said: "Alton Towers Resort stopped The Smiler to investigate claims that a piece of debris had fallen from a carriage.
Picture tweeted by Alton Towers of The Smiler reopening
Other thrill-seeking rides have joined The Smiler, with its 85ft drop and top speed of 52mph, to open after-hours especially for Scarefest this year.
Mike meets a disturbed cellmate (Thomas Derrah); a visiting neighbor, Vera (Angela Reed), who seeks to bring him hope from the outside world; and, fatefully, a young inmate on the verge of release named Smiler (Peter Dylan Richards), who hangs himself in the noose Mike intended to use on himself.
ACCIDENT Crash on Smiler ride at Alton Towers in 2015
In June 2015, several passengers were injured when their car on the Smiler rollercoaster collided with a stationary car, forcing two women to undergo amputations of a leg.
Back, from left: Nisar Smiler, Jamil Akhtar, Zara Hussain, Najma Hussain, Rehman Khan, Bareera Malik, Alyzah Jamshader, Abda Haq, Shahien Masood.
Five people were seriously injured when The Smiler ride derailed at the theme park in June last year.
Emergency crews during the rescue operation after the Smiler crash and, right, victims who had legs amputated Vicky Balch and Leah Washington
Alton Towers bosses visited coaster crash victim Vicky Balch at home - to tell her they are reopening The Smiler as they are losing a fortune.
Smiler, which cost PS18million, has been shut since the June 2 accident.
Leah Washington was one of four people seriously hurt last week when two carriages collided on the Smiler ride.
Two carriages on the Smiler ride collided last Tuesday, and the theme park shut to allow investigations into the cause to take place.
SMILER JACK, troubled by a blood disorder in recent weeks and unable to give his true running when eliminated in the opening round of the Essex Vase, is scheduled to trial back in at Romford on Tuesday as he begins his preparation towards a tilt at next month's Coronation Cup, writes Patrick Kelly.
During the theme park's annual Scarefest to celebrate Halloween (now until November 3) thrill seekers can ride The Smiler and other hair-raising attractions until 9pm.