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My smidgeon puts me into the fat category along with people who are 5ft 4ins and weigh 24 stones.
ONLY A smidgeon less gaffe-prone than the Fat Controller - but coming up fast on the rails - is the Pope, whose disastrous Middle East tour looks like eclipsing the fiasco of his recent African sojourn and lack of positive response to the Aids epidemic.
I am now based in the city full-time and have started to use the Walsall line in from Rugeley again - a long journey but door to door but it saves me time and with free parking and a monthly pass a smidgeon over pounds 50 it's great value.
I hid behind the youngest for fear of a) getting banned a la Graham Thomas (I like the Vale) and b) because I felt a smidgeon of shame.
Liverpool's reported interest in Chris Riggott and Franck Queudrue will not be without a smidgeon of truth.
It seems school cooks are being too generous with their portions and a few extra peas or smidgeon of custard could mean a pounds 100,000 overspend.
However, scientists looking for naturally occurring antimatter have found only a smidgeon of it, for instance, in cosmic rays.
Some "suit" with a smidgeon of taste is going to take over a network and begin doing something about all the awful thundering that accompanies sports shows.
We should like to make the following points: PADDI is a memorable acronym which fits its context -- no ideological baggage here and maybe even a smidgeon of humour.
At a time when all we seem to read about is banking bosses being paid for failure, it is cheering to see that some of the mega-rich are feeling even a smidgeon of our pain.
RE: Joe Riley's column(ECHO, Nov 7) 'Clarkson crashes into controversy' he says: "BBC director general Mark Thompson has only just begun to gain a smidgeon of credit for promising to review the obscene salaries of so-called celebrities.
Then throw in a dash of Turin Brakes, a smidgeon of The Devlins and a pinch of Prayer boat.
The notion that as a "world leader" he might re-direct money away from weapons of mass destruction to creative and socially useful projects might imply he still retains a smidgeon of "old" Labour.
Prices are up, with entry level models starting at a smidgeon under pounds 30,000, rising to pounds 44,000 for the full-house V8 545i.
For both actual and simulated ellipsoids, Torquato and his colleagues now find that random packings fill as much as 73.5 percent of the space, just a smidgeon less than hand-stacked spheres do.