smelling salts

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a pungent preparation of ammonium carbonate and perfume

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They need to find out where that came from because I believe, in my opinion, it was something illegal because smelling salts are illegal in boxing.
Dundee then illegally used smelling salts to help his fighter regain his senses and made a small tear in one of Ali's gloves, forcing a welcome delay while a new pair were sought.
Private label remains a first aid bastion at drug stores, holding the largest dollar share in all product areas except the two smallest segments: insect bite treatments and smelling salts.
Fashion writers must be bulk ordering the smelling salts in anticipation of whatever frock horror Helena will be wearing to the Oscars next Sunday.
Those of a politically correct, nervous disposition should have the smelling salts close by, or they might faint at some of his hair-crisping prejudices, which no contemporary newspaper editor would dare publish today.
Well, if you thought Gehry and Hadid's efforts a bit fruity, you'll need smelling salts.
Nay, pass the smelling salts to the town's Historical Commission chairman.
Throw in editorial review, reader surveys and wild fluctuation in issue size and it's enough to make a person reach for a vial of smelling salts.
Brenton is best known for The Romans In Britain, which when staged at the National Theatre in 1980 had Mary Whitehouse reaching for the smelling salts over the notorious male rape scene.
Not that much counterattacking is necessary in a Congress so cowed by the the NRA that all it takes is a threatening e-mail from NRA Executive Vice President Wayne Lapierre to send timid lawmakers scurrying for their smelling salts.
We hope someone offered smelling salts to the economists at Goldman Sachs yesterday.
He took two whiffs of smelling salts and that brought him around long enough to allow him to score a solid 9.
A little Waterford vial of ammoniated smelling salts should be carried next to one's hanky, as a fashionable and unobtrusive bracer in the face of minor interrogation.
So, the Fed threatens to raise interest rates, and the equity markets reach for their smelling salts.
Eighth man voted into the National Football Hall of Fame, he played at a time when sports medicine consisted of smelling salts on the sidelines.