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a method of examining stained cells in a cervical smear for early diagnosis of uterine cancer

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The smear test is used to detect any changes indicative of pre-cancer, which can sometimes develop into cancer if left untreated.
Leicestershire GP and CCG chair, Professor Mayur Lakhani, said: "I understand that some women can find the smear test uncomfortable and embarrassing, but it is really important that all women who receive a letter through the post attend their cervical screening test.
Ms Elliott asked: "Will the Prime Minister support Amber's family in their campaign to introduce Amber's law, which would change the regulations so that women under 25 could access a smear test on the national health service when they were symptomatic?
More women were seen to make their smear test appointments after Goody's passing, but nine years on a cervical cancer charity boss warned "The Jade Goody effect has long gone".
5%) nurses were found to provide education for others and the most common issues that they provided information about were guidance for a pap smear test 30(27.
Other women eligible for screening should not be concerned that they are not being offered HPV testing and should act on their invitation for a smear test as before.
Dr David Kelly, Chair of NHS North Kirklees CCG said: "We want to increase the understanding about cervical screening and how vital it is for women to have regular smear tests because these tests really can save lives.
These shocking figures come after aspiring model Sophie Jones, 19, of Eastham, died from cervical cancer last year after being denied a smear test.
Eamonn Holmes then joked: "It's tremendous to be part of such an institution and not to have had to do the live smear test.
London, Mar 2 ( ANI ): Women diagnosed with cervical cancer as a result of a smear test have a far better chance of being cured than women who do not go for tests, a Swedish study suggests.
In this study, the prevalence of the women having pap smear test was lower in the women who didn't know pap smear test than the women who knew pap smear test (p less than 0.
Samantha Burn went for a routine smear test in October 2001 when she was 23, then another in November that year after the first was found to be inadequate, but nothing abnormal was found.
A Birmingham mother who had to have a hysterectomy after a hospital failed to spot fatal cervical cancer cells during a smear test has won a five-figure pay-out.
and Sysmex Corporation, the 10th largest diagnostic company in the world and the largest in Japan, have formed a partnershipto develop an automated Pap smear test.