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Synonyms for smasher

a person who smashes something

a very attractive or seductive looking woman

a conspicuous success

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He went on to say "Unicorn Smasher is simply an easy to use Chrome extension that helps speed up product research for Amazon sellers".
The Bannu blockers Inam Ullah, Asmat, Irfan Ullah and Naeem also played like a rock, putting Peshawar smashers Sadam, Yasir and Waqar at pay all the time.
Fellow Brummie Emma Willis called her Sasha e Smasher, a nickname repeated by will.
His 5-year-old daughter, Linnea, chimed in, "You know what fairy smashers hate is love.
Followed by: "The day after the last xfactorEoACA* cher lloyd and I went in the studio and made a mega smasher.
Protons caught between two fierce stellar furnaces are being boosted to energies comparable to those at the world's most powerful atom smasher, new observations suggest.
Ruby is a wee smasher and he is so proud of her already.
The atom smasher will reach world record power later this month at 7 trillion electron volts (TeV).
raider brandishes gun as accomplice grabs watches on display Window smasher.
Here are some techniques to help you get the word out to the bug smasher pilot in 30 seconds or less
Following the huge success of the Smasher blender from AES Chemunex, exclusive UK distributor Don Whitley Scientific is pleased to introduce a new improved version of the device for use in microbiology laboratories.
GLAD to see the two Yanks who thought Dr Lyn Evans was going to blow up the universe with his atom smasher have been laughed out of court.
Andrea Perry and Alan Snow's THE SNACK SMASHER AND OTHER REASONS WHY IT'S NOT MY FAULT (0689854692, $16.
If caught, the window smasher could be charged with trespassing and littering.
But last January, Russian scientists made history: They created the newest element, or smallest unit of matter, in a lab atom smasher.