smash hit

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Synonyms for smash hit

a dazzling, often sudden instance of success

Synonyms for smash hit

an unusually successful hit with widespread popularity and huge sales (especially a movie or play or recording or novel)

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A degree at North London Polytechnic was followed by a burgeoning career in music journalism, as Neil rose to the position of deputy editor at the Smash Hits magazine.
uk, Neymar said that he would, without a doubt, like to collaborate with the pop sensations as he is keen to be involved in their next big smash hit.
After its release on Smash Hits, I only had two months to not only become a frontman, but to get a band of session musicians together for my first ever tour.
It was also a good year for Steps who claimed the award for Best Live Act and were also admitted to the Smash Hits Hall of Fame.
It features dating advice, digital games, and the smash hit Whatever, a comedy show with 15-minute episodes, starring Ashley and delivered in streaming video with considerable attitude.
Marketing in general, and trade show attendance specifically, are one of the first things to get cut in a recession," said Maureen Nixon, CEO of Smash Hit Displays.
But after seeing the Disney smash hit - which is the highest-grossing animated film of all time with takings of $1.
STEP UP 2 THE STREETS is the follow-up to the smash hit "Step Up," which ignited theaters in August 2006.
CALENDAR GIRLS It was a smash hit calendar, then a smash hit film.
Where Heather created the role of Nala in Elton John's smash hit The Lion King.
Different people have approached me because they think it's cool when you've written this international smash hit,'' says Furtado.
LOS ANGELES -- Emerging from a self-imposed exile from the music industry in 2006, Josie Cotton re-entered pop consciousness with a passion, releasing her first album of new material in ten years (the critically acclaimed Movie Disaster Music), making numerous club and festival appearances (including San Francisco Gay Pride) and enlisting an entirely new generation of persecuted, dispossessed, and maladjusted music fans, thanks to the inclusion of her iconic smash hit "Johnny, Are You Queer?
Disney's smash hit High School Musical returns for a second run from Monday until Saturday.
REEL FUN Ministers and NI Screen's Rick Hill in Titanic Quarter yesterday The Sopranos SMASH HIT The Wire SMASH HIT SMASH HIT Sex And The City
Nasty in the smash hit spin-off American Idol--was asked about Young's debut album ever getting released in the States, he said, "Unlikely.