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Flip Flop Flo, the Know-It-All is the story of a sweet smarty-pants who longs for shoeless summers.
His most recent complaint is that smarty-pants nationalists are spending their time "knocking everything British and English by dragging up history," when they should be getting off their backsides and solving our glorious Union's banker-inspired economic crisis.
It's a pity because this is a rare opportunity for the young to be warmly welcomed into the typically hushed, ritual-bound, smarty-pants audience of opera.
SMARTY-PANTS Stephen Fry is quitting Twitter - to finish Volume Two of his autobiography by April.
So he and his duffle coat are investigating crimes alone - although with no smarty-pants assistant at his side, there aren't actually any crimes to investigate.
This whimsical visual element serves an important purpose: Smarty-Pants guides visitors towards resources, valuable tips, and actionable items from a collection of helpful articles, glossary of lending terms and personal finance calculators.
But we would like to see the smarty-pants rise to the challenge if he gets cast in the remake of Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.
Enjoyable as my main course was, it was easily topped by smarty-pants Anuji's selection, Tandoori Koila Murgh (pounds 12.
AT THE HARVARD DESIGN SCHOOL, HI-LO [C] ARCHITECT AND INTER-disciplinary smarty-pants Rem Koolhaas has a fiefdom where he and his Harvard [C] research elves crank out obese tomes mingling pedagogy and snazzy graphics.
And I'm hoping to be a real smarty-pants when it comes to finding the winner of the televised Tote Becher Chase which has a cracking 15-strong field.
He did not add, "That's some Northeast smarty-pants faggoty word.
No-one likes a smarty-pants, even if they are this erudite and (mostly) readable.
If you think TRIVIAL PURSUIT is just for the smarty-pants know-it-alls out there - think again.
Image: Smarty-pants comedian Best known for: His regular slot on Mock the Week Early life: Peter Hugh Dennis was born in 1962 in Northamptonshire.
But nevertheless, I might well come across as quite the smarty-pants.