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Smarty-pants that monitor heart health Men's briefs have been developed to measure blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs, so patients can be monitored at home rather than at hospital.
Naturally, we wondered: How many of these smarty-pants brainiacs are Jewish?
OK, smarty-pants, quick--what's half of 166-13/16 in.?
Love Aaeem, hate Aaeem, this is a group that knows how to turn a thousand little pieces into one big, irrepressible hook.At its best moments, AoContraAo crams Afropop mimicry, new-wave melody and an arsenal of playful electronic textures into a single sonic space, suggesting a band that plays fast, loose and around the clockAuthe same approach one might apply to Twitter.Leading a quartet of Columbia University grads, Frontman Ezra Koenig is an unabashed smarty-pants whose lyrical references to sculptor Richard Serra (on AoWhite SkyAo) and TomAAEs of Maine toothpaste (on AoCalifornia EnglishAo) would be cloying were they not sung with such relish.
Where else would you find the word "smarty-pants" used in an attempt to divine Gods existence?
The smarty-pants answer is that it happens all the time.
One smarty-pants allegedly scored full marks by scribbling the pithy answer: Why not?
She's a smarty-pants. Sloane was educated at Rutgers University, the Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute.
What Britain's Got Talent proved is that we're tired of violent, reality television and the smarty-pants who bring us the arty-farty and tell us we're morons if it fails to engage us.
Now forgive me for appearing to be a smarty-pants, but surely VAT is one of the first questions you ask any builder looking to work on your house.
Stroll downtown and take a stab at it--you might outsmart the smarty-pants of Silicon Valley.
November 14 (Darla) LD & the New Criticism deliver self-described "experimental countrypolitan deathpop" with equal parts sadness and smarty-pants sass.
In 1959, when Cooney was a "smarty-pants" kid, I was an intern at the LA County General Hospital and rotated through an infected obstetrics ward, where the horror stories of botched illegal abortions she told so well were played out.
Guys see me as a goodie-goodie and a smarty-pants. I am a nice, smart, lovable girl, but people just see me as being studious.