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Synonyms for smartness

a kind of pain such as that caused by a wound or a burn or a sore

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intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty

liveliness and eagerness

References in classic literature ?
Their escort did not halt, however, but pushed on, followed by a great crowd of Mormons, until they reached a waggon, which was conspicuous for its great size and for the gaudiness and smartness of its appearance.
Glegg's day there was no incongruous new-fashioned smartness, no plate-glass in shop-windows, no fresh stucco-facing or other fallacious attempt to make fine old red St.
At length there sauntered up, on the opposite side of the way--with a bad pretense of passing by accident--a figure conspicuous for its dirty smartness, which after a great many frowns and jerks of the head, in resistence of the invitation, ultimately crossed the road and was brought into the shop.
Do you understand, sir, do you understand what all that smartness means?
Sonia wants pomatum too," he said as he walked along the street, and he laughed malignantly--"such smartness costs money.
There is a need for a framework to define the degrees of the smartness of public services in cities today, according to Ramez Shehadi, executive vice president and managing director, Booz Allen Hamilton.
The current results confirm the smartness of the market and technology repositioning actions we carried out in 2013," says Stefano Lupi, CEO.
Ian Watson, Salford's acting coach, said: "The effort was there but our smartness wasn't.
Ian Watson, Salford's acting coach with Iestyn Harris still on sick leave, said: "The effort was there but smartness wasn't.
The pupils wore white lab coats and worked against the clock to help the professor regain his smartness by the end of the session.
Going for comfort over smartness in a royal blue tracksuit, the 21-year-old forward picked up cash before the couple visited a furniture store in London to view kitchen suites.
It's time we really woke up and resourced smartness where it truly lies: in our ability to make choices based on awareness versus relegating "smart'' propelled by slick marketing of the latest device/program.
The Google Inbox app by Gmail again shows its smartness by enabling users to snooze particular emails.
So the simple meter being able to measure two-way flow of power is already a level of smartness