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Synonyms for smartly

in a clever manner


with vigor


in a stylish manner

References in classic literature ?
At length Captain Osborne made his appearance, very smartly dressed, but very pale and agitated as we have said.
Godfrey hit him back again rather more smartly than became a gentleman of his benevolent character.
She walked with a light tripping step, swinging her bag, and holding her head up smartly. Her manner, like her dress, said as plainly as words could speak, "No matter how long I may have lived, I mean to be young and charming to the end of my days." To Alban's surprise she stopped and addressed him.
Starkweather, standing by my side, tapped me smartly on the shoulder, and said,
"Prepared--I know not why--to believe that the keeper is the guilty man--I go to the door and rap smartly on it.
The smartly dressed and healthy-looking nurse, frightened at the idea of losing her place, muttered something to herself, and covering her bosom, smiled contemptuously at the idea of doubts being cast on her abundance of milk.
The President of Indonesia was presented a guard of honour by the smartly turned out contingent of the three services.
Previously with Northampton Town, the youngster was recently released by the Cobblers and Lewer has moved in smartly to get White to come to Manor Park.
The Nuneaton defence buckled and but for several fine saves by the promising Chris MacKenzie, the Greens would not have had to wait until the 80th minute for their third goal, which was smartly put away by former Carlisle striker Jonny Allan, who improves with every game.
The 4-6 chance was smartly into her stride under Jimmy Fortune but did not pull away in the manner expected in the final furlong and held on by only half a length from Ribeauville.
But with Corpus Christi, it's Mantello's smartly open-ended production more than the script that invites the audience to make its own connections to the persecution of outsiders today.
This striking opening -- reminiscent of Ohad Naharin's smartly original Axioma 2 -- segues into a string of angry, violent solos.
We recommend candidates should dress smartly, unless after having started a job assignment they discover their company adopts a casual dress code.
Jointly owned by his father Michael Donohoe and Pat Hurney, Joint Luck got away smartly from trap three and squeezed around the bend in front with the favourite Knockeevan Jerry in the wars.
Northumbria police say they are hunting a smartly dressed white male in his mid-30s who masterminded the murder bid.