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Synonyms for smartly

in a clever manner


with vigor


in a stylish manner

References in classic literature ?
At length Captain Osborne made his appearance, very smartly dressed, but very pale and agitated as we have said.
Godfrey hit him back again rather more smartly than became a gentleman of his benevolent character.
She walked with a light tripping step, swinging her bag, and holding her head up smartly.
Starkweather, standing by my side, tapped me smartly on the shoulder, and said,
Prepared--I know not why--to believe that the keeper is the guilty man--I go to the door and rap smartly on it.
The smartly dressed and healthy-looking nurse, frightened at the idea of losing her place, muttered something to herself, and covering her bosom, smiled contemptuously at the idea of doubts being cast on her abundance of milk.
Later, a smartly tuned out PAF contingent presented the gun salute.
Farnek Services' Smartly Efficient Programme was awarded Technology Implementation of the Year honours at the fmME Awards 2017.
A NEW car for the price of a secondhand one is always a tempting prospect and when it's as smartly styled and capable as Dacia's Duster, the concept becomes particularly appealing.
There's lots of Meet The Robinsons' frantic antic spirit to this time-travel 'toon, smartly designed, pithily scripted.
A 24-year-old Filipina maid, who allegedly tried to steal more than Dh100,000 worth of jewellery pieces from her sponsor by smartly hiding them in her underwear and clothes, was caught before leaving her employer's house, a court heard on Tuesday.
Pat Willcox, 77, from South Shields in South Tyneside, said: "I think they are very smartly dressed now, I think young people are really lovely, much nicer than when I was younger.
A woman was assaulted in a "truly vile attack" by a smartly dressed man, said police.
Safavi, however, stressed that in case of an attack, Iran will act against their military operation smartly.
In this regard Warid Telecom recently organized a massive awareness campaign, aimed at helping communities to be more prepared in fighting smartly against Dengue.