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Synonyms for smarting

marked by, causing, or experiencing physical pain

Synonyms for smarting

a kind of pain such as that caused by a wound or a burn or a sore

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Indeed we didn't present a neat appearance, our faces unshaven, with the traces of dried salt sprays on our smarting skins and the sleeplessness of full forty hours filming our eyes.
I could not bring it into play; it was overwhelmed, buried, lost in those earlier feelings which I had been smarting under year after year.
I've never laid hand to you," said Martin gruffly, certain stinging words of Nellie's still smarting.
The smarting of it recalled in an instant all the particulars of my night's adventure, and I sprang to my feet with the feeling that I might hardly yet be safe from my pursuers.
Miss Bartlett, smarting under an obligation, would scarcely be civil.
It seems as though the brightest side of everything were also its highest and best, so that as our little lives sink back behind us into the dark sea of forgetfulness, all that which is the lightest and the most gladsome is the last to sink, and stands above the waters, long in sight, when the angry thoughts and smarting pain are buried deep below the waves and trouble us no more.
All our reading had taught us to expect that the first plunge into the Dead Sea would be attended with distressing results--our bodies would feel as if they were suddenly pierced by millions of red-hot needles; the dreadful smarting would continue for hours; we might even look to be blistered from head to foot, and suffer miserably for many days.