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Originally introduced by Rowntree's in 1882 as Chocolate Beans, they were re-branded in 1937 as Smarties.
Consider, for example, the Photo/True Belief/True trial presented in the bottom left portion of Table 1: "If you photograph pencils in the smarties box and then I take the pencils out.
They get talking and after a while, one of the Smarties says: "We're going on to a club in Huddersfield.
Teacher Linda Alford said they would be turning Smarties into Acorns for their Lent Appeal which began last Wednesday and will run to April 4, the end of term.
The Swiss-owned firm said part of the site will be sold and the production of chocolates including Smarties, Dairy Box, Black Magic and Matchmakers will be moved to other sites in the UK and Europe.
Residents of Binley Woods filled up empty Smarties tubes with spare 20p pieces as part of a fundraising effort in aid of victims of the disaster.
NestlA's famous Smarties tube has been given a new-look with the launch of a six sided Hexatube.
The makers of Smarties has announced it is ditching the sweet's tube-shape packet after almost 70 years.
Only Smarties have the answer to Kelly Winter's fund-raising worries.
SMARTIES are 75 today - and maker Nestl is celebrating by bringing back the chocolate's old-style tube.
NEXT time you buy a tube of Smarties say goodbye to the blue ones.
Smarties is being given a child-friendly makeover to boost the confectionery's appeal among parents increasingly concerned about the sweets they give to their children.