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The MMA Regional Smarties Awards Program reflects a movement afoot around the explosive mobile marketing industry," said Sheryl Daija, Chief Strategy Officer, MMA.
The 36-year-old grew up loving Smarties and now they're a firm favourite of his own two-year-old daughter Isla.
Smarties hit the shelves in 1937 as Chocolate Beans, costing 2d (less than 1p).
And this Easter, the sweets inside the Smarties and Milky Bar eggs will be loose, instead of in small plastic bags.
He played tiddlywinkss with Smarties in full view of other staff.
Ms Thompson, whose business is based in Dinas Powys in the Vale of Glamorgan, said that on one occasion when she visited the court a member of staff was playing tiddlywinks with Smarties on the customer service counter.
A Smarties Art initiative will form another part of the campaign, which encourages parents and children to go online and download resource packs on how to get creative by using food in arts and crafts activities.
Now consider the Other/False Belief/True trial presented in the center left portion of Table 1: "If I put the pencils in the smarties box and you are not there.
They get talking and after a while, one of the Smarties says: "We're going on to a club in Huddersfield.
The 27 children at St James' Junior School, in Halifax Road, Shirley, will be eating their way through a tube of Smarties and replacing it with pennies to raise money for Acorns Children's Hospice, in Birmingham.
Nestle said the jobs would go from next year at the 116-year-old factory in York, which makes top-selling products including KitKat, Aero, Yorkie, Milky Bar, Rolo, Smarties and Black Magic.
NEXT time you buy a tube of Smarties say goodbye to the blue ones.
Residents of Binley Woods filled up empty Smarties tubes with spare 20p pieces as part of a fundraising effort in aid of victims of the disaster.
One consolation however - at least the number of Smarties, we are told, will remain the same.
NestlA's famous Smarties tube has been given a new-look with the launch of a six sided Hexatube.