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Gus and Smartie are now firm friends and can be seen grooming each other and generally chilling out together.
Staff at the port had tried to encourage Smartie to go back into the water when they found him, but he wasn't having any of it.
The find prompted Nestle to splash 2m [pounds sterling] on a 'Blue is Back' advertising campaign for its blue Smartie in April.
FORGET Take That and the Spice Girls - it looks as if Blue Smarties are the comeback of the year.
This two-piece pack, designed to resemble the famous sweet, is injection-moulded in polypropylene in six different colours to match the six colours in the Smarties range.
The MMA Smarties Awards is the world s only global mobile marketing awards program honoring innovation, creativity, and success highlighting the teams and talent that push the boundaries of mobile marketing to reach and engage with consumers.
The course will include plenty of fun and challenging obstacles including Smartie Tubes, Jack and Jill's Hill, The Slip 'n' Slide and the Creepy Crawler, as well as plenty of mud.
com)-- Smartie Mirror meets all the needs of anyone who could benefit from a personal assistant.
Decorate with cereal as hair, a Smartie or Skittle as nose, and sour worm as mouth.
As the hours countdown to Easter Sunday, Latin name Overateus Smartie Eggitus, it's time to ponder some major questions.
It was standing room only for the hundreds of friends and family who turned up to pay their respects to Mr Dye - even the family dog Smartie was brought to say a final farewell.
But her trio - Kermit, Kermitella and Little Smartie - just lost out to the Beltex group of David and Ivy Bishop, Malvern.
Nestle is spending 2m [pounds sterling] on a marketing push to promote the comeback of the blue Smartie and push its healthier credentials as free from artificial colours or flavours.
Smartie people are happy people, they smile all the time, because it's Smartie time," "If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club," "The Milkie Bar Kid is strong and tough and only the best is good enough,"
SMARTIE James Erskine said: "The art of avoidance seems to backfire and tends to lead you to eat more.