smarten up

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dress and groom with particular care, as for a special occasion

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So we know how important it is to smarten up our act and get back playing to our best, starting against Castleford tonight.
But top House of Lords official Black Rod, Lieutenant-General David Leakey, said police will smarten up for the Queen.
Tonnes of rubbish and bulky unwanted items were taken away, and the other work carried out really helped to smarten up the area.
TAXI drivers at John Lennon Airport have been ordered to smarten up by bosses fearful of visitors' first impressions of Liverpool.
These accessories never go out of style, are truly versatile and useful and can add a whimsical flair or dramatic touch to smarten up your everyday look.
So why not smarten up your current set-up with a few small changes?
Regulars had feared that the brewery would want to smarten up the Sun where jukeboxes, fruit machines and pool were banned but a brewery spokesman said: "The Sun is a very special pub and we intend to keep it as it is.
The memorial to 19-year-old David Pattison, who suffered from a rare condition and died in April, is a reminder of his tireless work for other disabled youngsters and a symbol of efforts to smarten up the Westgrove shopping area, in Westlea, Seaham.
Ecumenically, it was not my job to tell them to smarten up and be like us.
Hopefully, the public will smarten up and demand the people's legislators actually earn their pay by solving the people's problems.
Rocker James Dean Bradfield has been told to smarten up his act by his new wife
THE bank that pioneered ``dress down Friday'' in the UK has told staff to smarten up.
The TV presenter, aged 36, from Leicester, was helping styleless Brummies smarten up their act for the fourth series of his show.
The scruffy star is going to cut off his mane of untamed hair and smarten up to impress studio bosses.
Isle of Man retail magnate Albert Gubay, who owns the land, is vowing to smarten up the area.