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Tara, 24, is the star of the London smart-set and boyfriend-less.
Casting featured smart-set twentysomething members of NYCB such as Monique Meunier, Albert Evans, Yvonne Borree, and Ethan Stiefel.
ATLANTA -- QuantiSense today announced that Reitmans, Canada's largest women's specialty retailer, has selected the QuantiSense retail business intelligence application for use across all seven of its divisions including Reitmans, Smart-Set, RW & Co.
In 1929 Fulco emulated the great society costume balls of the 1920s Paris smart-set at which he was a frequent guest, by throwing the famous 'Lady Hamilton' costume ball at the Palazzo Verdura in Palermo blowing the last of his inheritance on it.
AT ABOUT the time that frazzle-haired beatniks, poets and pacifists were sauntering about in trenchcoats, the smart-sets in Britain and France began parading in safari-suits, which seemed to by-pass the irony that both countries had given up their African empires.