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Besides the ventriloquist and his smart-alecky co-star, the list of personalities appearing regularly on the broadcast included W.
8220;What McDougal wants to know is how Dylan pulled off one the great frauds in the history of American popular culture… In prose that is both irreverent and smart-alecky, the book revels in tearing down a '60s icon and his adoring fans.
Its self-critical "knowing" is a joy to take in without being smart-alecky.
These smart-alecky leaders have done pretty well for themselves even if both Uddhav and his father are struggling to keep their party relevant to the masses.
Shouldn't less moneys be used in publicizing safety slogans--which smart-alecky and drunken drivers don't heed anyway--and wouldn't it be better to direct more means towards recruiting men, women and young folk us active participants in a mighty crusade against traffic law violators?
Even so, no one thought he was anything other than a kind of brash, clumsy server and one who was a little smart-alecky to boot, like the guy in waiter-what's-this-fly-doing-in-my-soup routine.
Few were ever more shameless or smart-alecky than the Beasties, circa 1986.
The poignant complications of their homelessness unfold in a smart, and smart-alecky, first-person narrative: wing with little sister Ivy for a level spot to pitch her tent, pretending to be a missionary/professional runner/preacher's kid in order to avoid the truth when other kids ask questions, explaining how impossible it is to stay thin when food consists of "bologna, Little Debbie cakes, and endless, endless, endless day-old pastries.
As a journalism professor, I'm also annoyed that NPR allows too many grammatical mistakes by its reporters--lie/lay, none is--to slip through and that it permits its young, hip, smart-alecky reporters on Planet Money or Radio Lab to ask questions with crude expressions such as "butt-kicking" and "pissed off.
It's true that the column is sometimes smart-alecky, but this is in part an attempt (admittedly lame at times, to be sure) at humor and, to a greater extent, my own response to ignorance and selfishness.
By which I mean that in a climate of blinkered, polarized politics, especially to a young smart-alecky New Yorker, the museum could appear to be a crude instrument of cold war propaganda.
Born in 1972, he seems to me like a smart-alecky adolescent who thinks youth and parental praise will last forever.
Freeman," she says, saying it kindly smart-alecky, which I don't much appreciate since someone's got to keep up with what's going on if anything gets done on this farm.
Dion HaynesVolkswagenAAEs US chief executive, Stefan Jacoby, sat on the front end of AoMaxAo, the black 1964 Beetle with the smart-alecky German accent that figures prominently in the automakerAAEs latest TV ad campaign.
There should be-something embarrassing about such goofy gambits, like calling a colorful painting Pretty or embellishing a cartoonish caped figure with three painted slats, but Aldrich nimbly navigates the line between coy and guileless, smart-alecky and dumb.