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The motor might be high tech but the Corsa isnit some sort of smart-alec 'lifestyle' contraption.
One smart-alec neighbor presented her with a marksman medal, and an adjuster offered a course in marksmanship.
Spade says he first balked at the part, fearing that accepting the role would further typecast him as a smart-alec assistant-to-the-boss, which he played in various ``SNL'' sketches and in ``Tommy Boy.
He's fighting a glib, smart-alec Tory incumbent, and even if the seat is unwinnable, he's taking the Labour message to the people with a vigour that hasn't been seen for years.
He has created a realistic character in Ross with his smart-alec responses.
Opinion leaders, by whom I mean smart-alec London journalists, simply cannot understand why the country still has such a concentration of plants turning out high quality cars that people actually want to buy.
They should never be criticised under any circumstances, particularly not by smart-alec newspaper columnists who have the benefit of checking and re-checking every statement before it is made public.
But Barker was already making a name for himself as the smart-alec prisoner Fletcher in the prison series Porridge, and as the lugubrious, stuttering shopkeeper Arkwright in Open All Hours.
RB says: I was going to think up a smart-alec response, but I'm too busy being tapped up by another newspaper (Dream on, Ed).
Then there was smart-alec Anne Robinson's ill-advised micky taking queries about education and the artistry of Scouse shoplifters.
And, as that face is still incredibly boyish, it feels as if you're being shown up by the fourth form smart-alec.
But the smart-alec Warner Bros favourite was beaten to the top spot by Waylon Smithers, Monty Burns' assistant in The Simpsons.
In Tango, Perry, best known as the smart-alec Chandler in Friends, plays an
She stars as Maddy - a smart-alec Australian single mum in London who gets thrown in jail for stealing a packet of frozen peas, then gets conned into putting her baby up for adoption.