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Synonyms for smart money

money bet or invested by experienced gamblers or investors (especially if they have inside information)

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(law) compensation in excess of actual damages (a form of punishment awarded in cases of malicious or willful misconduct)

people who are highly experienced or who have inside information

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"Smart Money Cymru will also lead on bringing pre-payment card and housing accounts products to market for long-term use by tenants and members of the credit union."
Pluristem will also receive close support from Israel's trade representatives stationed in China, including Hong Kong, along with experts appointed by the Smart Money program.
In San Jose we observed the two types of m-money providers, GCash and SMART Money, were present.
Smart Money People is passionate about being at the heart of this growing financial services sector."
With the same approach, the companies are also expanding the reach of more established services Smart Money and Smart Padala while foraying into new fintech arenas such as digital payments security with LockByMobile and mobile consumer loans with Lendr.
The investment will be used to grow Smart Money People's team, develop its core platform further and support additional marketing activity.
ARGUS MERCURY Sudden Wish 12.30 Down Ace Pendra (nb) 1.00 Pendra Little Jimmy 1.30 Zhukov Jean De Florette 2.00 Jean De Florette Tealissio 2.30 Smart Money Via Sundown 3.00 Via Sundown Alfa Red 3.30 Arctic Chief Going: Heavy: aw: standard.
"In 2011, the bank launched the Smart Money initiative - a series of activities to promote financial literacy aimed to help people make better and well informed financial decisions.
Smart money is on milk: Nations that consume a lot of milk and milk products also tend to have a lot of Nobel laureates among their populations, according to recent research.
Jesus must have something interesting and relevant to say about smart money in our time.
'Smart Money Days' are a series of learning opportunities regularly held at 1st Source Bank locations in an effort to provide financial education and information to the community.
A trusted enabler of partners here and abroad, Smart Money has established linkages with the leading banks of the Philippines, the country's primary ATM consortia, local and international remittance companies, and millions of MasterCard partner merchants worldwide.
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