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Smart Alec " "Oh, great, now I'm hearing things!" John yawned, but Smart Alec said, "No!
For this set (the kid's room) I'm thinking Larry Clark, Donald Sultan's Cigar Bar, Jack Ruby's strip joint in Dallas in the late '50s, the bedroom in Candy Barr's film Smart Alec.
'Reason for this is to ensure that some smart Alec don't just come, take the land and turn the project into another failed enterprise, with all legal niceties becoming an albatross.
The questions are devised in such a way that a slightly thick person could still be successful and a well-educated smart alec could lose.
It'll be gone in a minute, hopefully no-one will put the screen image with the real person at the bar together as the same and then come out with some smart Alec comment.
CATTERICK:2.10 Kyllach Me, 2.45 Fast Charlie, 3.20 Scrafton, 3.55 Muzaahim, 4.30 Indira, 5.05 Corn Maiden, 5.40 Smart Alec, 6.10 Running Reef.
And the Welshman remembers the new Manchester United manager as "a smart alec" and an aloof loner who did as he was told, but only grudgingly.
According to the Daily Mail, which quoted the Sunday Times, the code name, which when translated means "smart alec" or "cheeky, crafty and cunning", had been "randomly generated by computer".
SMART ALEC: Brum boss Eck has done a great job LEGEND: Sir Alex
* = not a headword in Web3 [dagger] = not in Mq short name author meaning * alec Albert Ross Eckler headword (a cf.) in Mq; phrase only in W3: smart alec He's smart all right but I'm the smart alec for calling him the albatross heckler.
A: I was a bit of a smart Alec. Only because I really loved school and I really loved learning and so therefore I wanted teachers to teach me and if they didn't teach me, then I gave them a bit of grief.
'Smart Alec' may not have been a person from the profession, in other words, professional, four years ago but it's a well-established fact that his fraternity knows him as one now.
THE letter from F C Osborne (Mail, December 31) calling me a "shallow-minded smart alec" is both incorrect and totally senseless!
A few years ago, some smart Alec put a big red dot on the internet and invited anyone and everyone to press it, to see what would happen.