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Smart Alec then asked, and John, mesmerised by the money-spinning promise, nodded.
You'd better be funny," says the Smart Alec to Rachel.
Last night a former cop, who helped snare McDonald at the Poa San, said: "Perhaps, as this smart Alec enjoyed Friday night there, it reminded him of the fact we were smarter than him.
But these days, Richard Dreyfuss is less a pompous smart alec than a self-deprecating survivor, an actor who has sailed the seas of drug addiction and lousy career choices and landed safely on his feet.
I like a game to have a clear right answer, written on a card in black and white, to rule out any possibility of smart Alec argument or negotiation.
Desmond Tutu (pictured) "For years, well-meaning health fanatics have been attempting to slash and burn GM crops as if they were the very spawn of Satan, only for another Smart Alec to tell us that those selfsame GM foods are the gateway to perfect health"- Sir Terry Wogan.
Money doesn't grow on trees, we all know that, but some smart Alec will tell you that it's made of paper so technically it does.
I scanned his face for an evil grin and waited for some smart alec punch-line.
Instead I'll be waiting for some smart Alec to invent one that wakes you up to the aroma of muesli, half a grapefruit and sesame seeds.
If a Smart Alec is someone who is clever, what does that make you lot?
Smart Alec, trained by Luca Cumani, makes it two from two at Newmarket to earn a 20-1 quote for the Guineas.
NOBODY likes a smart Alec,but every now and then it's satisfying to murmur a little ``I told you so''.
Which smart alec told me the Red Sea was always flat?
Happily married to a real Hollywood smart Alec, but life has had its low points.