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Synonyms for smarminess

smug self-serving earnestness

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Third, a smarminess about matters of fact, as in her recent utterance that Barack Obama is not a Muslim "as far as I know".
And she did it all without an agent or an iota of Hollywood's infamous "let's do lunch" smarminess, relying on help from the short's director, Lee Friedlander, and producer, Abbie Ludgwig, and a whole lot of buzz.
Antique furniture, fine dining and all-around smarminess: the currency of fine travel experiences.
Kim Begley (Herod) acted with appropriate smarminess, but didn't let neurotic action sully his bright singing.
He's been told that while voters hate Blair's smarminess and his faux sensitivity, they can't quite embrace a man who bears all the traits of a Scottish Presbyterian with manic depression.
Lawrence's exhortation to men in Fantasia of the Unconscious is comprehensively reproduced, as he encourages men to "drive your wives, beat them out of their self-consciousness and their soft smarminess and good, lovely idea of themselves....
Bierko brings just the right touch of smarminess to his role as the trusty but almost too good-looking-to-be-true dad.
His lame MPs might, of course, rediscover their backbone and decide eight and a half years of Blair's smarminess is quite enough, but I wouldn't bet on it and nor should Gordon Brown.
The service was good too, the staff efficient, friendly and completely free of the smarminess or latent hostility that Italian waiters sometimes fall prey to.
Cheesy?Absolutely.But once a year we can afford to cast aside our doubts and enter into the spirit of seductive smarminess. Even better,Co-opnow stocks Fair Trade roses (pounds 2.99per dozen bunch),produced in poverty -riddenZambia in exchange for a fair wage to help locals build medical centres, schools and water supplies.
Sex appeal: Appears to be growing older gracefully without the smarminess of British counterpart Kilroy.
He smiles occasionally, but seems to try hard to avoid smarminess, to act as little as possible like a missionary or a social worker.
Nor, being politicians, will any of the four prove to be completely authentic or free of smarminess....
Tensions have long existed between sensationalism and service, of course, and the public has long vacillated between condemning press smarminess and scooping up every juicy tidbit.
With enough ruthless smarminess, they might become a JP or even get a knighthood.