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in an unctuous manner

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And she is not as smarmily annoying as Mr Lineker has become, either.
But I do suggest we leave the option open, so that when someone notices God smarmily getting up to accept credit for one more job well done he or she can defend his or her own contributions through U.S.
Smarmily, the psychiatrist assures the gangster that it was not his fault.
At the Exposition this work with the public took the form of a smarmily dim-witted introduction that would put its architect Ladislav Kozderka's health at risk at any decent educational concert.
The spokesman smarmily responds, "My feelings go out to the family who filed this...
critics who say precisely what they think about the latest must-read novel or, even braver, decline to read it; dons with no smarmily populist agenda; juries who give prizes to difficult as opposed to infantilizing works; radio or TV personnel who persist in their ambitions to produce worthwhile programmes; ...
Blair's mob may be smarmily self-satisfied and as slippery as a bucketful of eels but, compared with the Tories, they're rank amateurs in the sleaze game.
Open our minds to lesbians and gays we must, and open our hearts as well - even to the bumbling congressman who shot himself in the foot so smarmily.
Whether Reich is hating or smarmily loving, he is unctuous in an unpleasant priestly way.
EVERY June, when the cost of the Royal Family is made public (last year it was pounds 37million) some Buckingham Palace lickspittle smarmily reminds us it translates to 62p per person, or two-thirds of a loaf.
Alfie's to camera commentary is retained, but you never get the same sense of it being a confidante, more of a gimmick that quickly becomes smarmily smug and irritating.
Other touts are urging people to "email quickly" before their advert gets pulled, while some advertise tickets for the "greatest-ever concert" and smarmily tell potential buyers "you know which one".
Even if Stiller and Aniston's onedimensional characters weren't so fundamentally incompatible as to make any relationship implausible, the film also manages to do next to nothing amusing with a sub-plot involving Bryan Brown as a risk-taking multi-millionaire Reuben has to assess as a potential client while Alec Baldwin is intermittently wheeled on and off as Stiller's boss whenever Hamburg feels the film's in need of another dose of smarmily crude dialogue.
mention in Iron Man (sic),' he says smarmily. 'But what local bus company has featured in the Home Office briefing for the Prime Minister?'
Announcing his arrival to his new pupils, Lockhart reels off his achievements, including three times winner of best smile by Witch Weekly magazine, before winking smarmily at his own portrait.