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I saw enough of the Prince of Smarm when he was in office.
With stocks so volatile, it's useful to know that the world market in derivative smarm has been cornered by Alexandre Jardin in "The Prof." Adding a soupcon of rigor mortis to "Dead Poets Society," scripter-helmer's Gallic rehash champions free-spirited frivolity and goes over like a lead ballon.
But what can you expect from one who allows both The Nutter and The Sultan of Smarm to operate unchecked?
It's not as degrading as "a smarm of Old Etonians" though, is it?
One member, Rsd87, warns of the smarm offensive women can expect.
This will be awarded to anyone displaying extraordinary determination to act like a big shot on the basis of nothing but delusion and smarm.
Verdict: The Hoax is blessed with compelling performances from Gere, all charm and smarm, and Molina.
Gere gives a convincing performance, all smarm and charm.
He is revolted by the slavish way we smarm up to English tourists by restoring Dylan's boathouse or wearing pointy black hats.
Indeed, the smarm attack undoubtedly started the moment Prime Minister Tony Blair, right, personally phoned IOC president Jacques Rogge to inform him of the decision last week.
Or the moisturised Lineker and his smarm? ITV will broadcast 32 live games including, naturally, England's two opening games in peak time.
So while Carrie has a life, and an eventful one - her on-off relationship with a sometimes married smarm machine know only as Big - she is often left to commentate in the background while her friends star.
The smarm offensive was so effective that Damilola's parents, Richard and Gloria, didn't even notice that the loss of their son had anything to do with the neglect of an incompetent and cynical Government.
Should help gather a few smarm points for my lacklustre political career.
SMARM OFFENSIVE: Claudia let slip secret over Lewis