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To this end, Bignose and fellow smalltime artistes have resolved to introduce Thuntsha-Lerole festival, which will be held annually as a platform to give up and coming musicians the necessary exposure.
He said that the smalltime vendors had to sell different items of domestic use to pay the fines as they were unable to clear the penalties even in six months.
Deter smalltime thieves by using built-in security features from Windows.
Fast-forward 63 years: Plastic Man, who is now a G-man, must solve the murder of a smalltime thug.
According to Turner, the federal government does little to help a smalltime farmer absorb such losses.
"The enormous profits that can be made smuggling cigarettes into New York have lured smalltime crooks, mobsters, street gangs, and terrorists into the racket," he writes.
The Monthly has long argued that drugs should be legalized, but if criminalization remains the law of the land, then common sense dictates that precious prison space should be devoted not to the occasional user or the smalltime dealer (such as the inner-city kid who sells a few drugs on the street comer) but only to big-time dealers.
For Piston leader George San Mateo, however, 'the essence of (De Leon's) statement is that public transport cannot be used as a means of livelihood by smalltime drivers and operators, but it can be capitalized on by corporations.'
The DCFA president said the circumstances were driving smalltime dairy farmers out of business.