smallpox virus

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the virus that causes smallpox in humans

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Smallpox virus, after all, was accepted by experts as a potent bio-terrorism agent because of its contagious nature.
Earlier this month in Bethesda, Md., scientists cleaning out a storage room at a National Institutes of Health research lab found vials of live smallpox virus, where they had apparently been lying forgotten for decades.
That is, patients were deliberately infected with a small amount of the smallpox virus in order to encourage resistance.
Set in the world of international espionage the hero, a former US intelligence operative, has just days to save the world as he trails a terrorist determined to destroy America by unleashing the smallpox virus. Clever and compulsive - best thriller in years.
"As e orts continue, we could see a day in the near future when the polio virus is sitting in a vial next to the smallpox virus in a secure area at CDC."
The first disease to be eradicated was the smallpox virus.
While the smallpox virus was ravaging Europe, certain Asian populations had discovered a crude but effective method to prevent the infection.
(1) Mann describes Native familiarity with epidemic disease to the point of actively resisting variolation (inoculation with live smallpox virus) in preference to vaccination (inoculation with less-deadly cowpox), effectively counteracting the propaganda depicting ignorant, superstitious Indians.
1979: The eradication of the smallpox virus is certified, making smallpox the first and to date only human disease driven to extinction.
The team studied white blood cells from 10 people immunised by smallpox virus and compared it with those extracted from another 10 people not immunised.
(1,2) Of interest is that the smallpox virus needs a lower population density for long-term survival, partly because the virus survives in the body for a longer period.
A prostate cancer vaccine that uses relatives of smallpox virus helped patients with advanced and otherwise untreatable cancer live longer, US researchers reported.
In a dark irony, however, eradication created a new vulnerability with respect to the potential use of the smallpox virus as a biological weapon.
What's most disturbing to me is that people who are vaccinated then carry the smallpox virus and can transmit it to others.
Have been identified zoster smallpox virus, simplex herpes virus types 1 and 2, as well as cytomegalovirus and more rarely EpsteinBarr virus (3) Most of the cases of ARN have been described among adult people, more frequently over 25 year old, with simplex herpes virus type 1 and zoster smallpox virus; the first one is related to encephalitic personal history (4).